Stand Tall

February 1, 2012
Divided we fall, but together we stand tall.
All i ask is for you to give me your hand.
We got too display we can make it through the day.
Understand that that's what it will take.
Pop a pill like nothin is wrong, and we go along.
Writing about something tricky, that goes on everyday.
Does it have to be this way? Like man what happened to all the love.
Give or take thiers no way to avoid it, it's like getting caught in a void.
Wish i could be a kid again, so i dont have too fell this pain.
Goin through all this again, try to stall myself, so i dont have to cry.
This is a real story of how the world is.
Why cant we just hold hands, but yet people act like its a big deal.
Like really get it through your thick heads.
Yall actin like little kids, F*** i have had enough.
Wont you open your eyes for once, thier are innocent people dien from aids.
So you better listen to what i got to say, because im writting a lesson for you

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