Change Can Be Good, But It Can Be Bad Too..

February 1, 2012
By brianbrasfield1997 SILVER, Mexico, New Mexico
brianbrasfield1997 SILVER, Mexico, New Mexico
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to what its worth, you are my first true love. the day I saw you fall from above..Everyday I have you on my mind, now I am losing you and you are far behind. I have changed but at first it was for you..This heart break is onto me, what I thought was wrong..I haven't been so confused in my life, what went wrong. We all make mistakes but I make them the most..Ever have the feeling of what it is to loose what you love most? I do right now but hopefully this will change. I need to take away my sadness and rage...I can't even breathe, I am typing so fast..My thoughts are pouring out and hopefully they won't last..I hate this moment, my life and you will be severed..though you will be my first love forever and ever...

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