Broken but still okay

January 23, 2012
I'm just breaking down
But I promise I'll be okay
In a sea of tears I'll drown
With my last words I'll say
Don't worry about me
I was never truly happy
Don't hurt me gently
A happy life is so cliche

So is it real (Yeah tell me)
Can you have heartache without a heart
Ooh oh is it true
Can your heart break
If it was broken from the start

So yeah I'm falling to my knees
But its nothing new to me
I've set my boundaries
But they're breaking down to easily
If I cry my eyes out
Would anyone be there
Will it fill me up with doubt
If I don't think anyone could care


I hear you all screaming
But my ears just won't listen
Your words have no meaning
Because they leave me broken
Shattered on the floor
I'm left no one cares it seems
You open and close the door
Can anyone hear my screams


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