Cold rain

January 24, 2012
By Snowy-Mint BRONZE, Durango, Colorado
Snowy-Mint BRONZE, Durango, Colorado
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Our story begins with a man standing alone in the rain, he has lost every thing and has nothing to gain. A flash of yellow from a car light shows the tears on his face, wanting a way out of this tremendous disgrace, he stands there deciding what to do next, too scared to jump and break his neck. He reaches in his pocket, takes out the gun, puts it up to his head, pulls the trigger now he gone. A blinding white at the end of a tunnel, soft blankets, warm sheets and the hands of an Angel, only not, it's a man with bloody gloves and a mask on his face, desperately wanting to win this race, against death, against life, but wait, standing there by his bed is his wife, mascara dripping from her lashes, her eyes all puffy and red, now he has a reason to live, straining to remember how to breath, he must have the need, suddenly the pain is gone, a numbing arising, he tries to fight it, loathing and despising, but it's too late, slipping and falling, will he ever wake up, it would be surprising...

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