You Can’t Kill Scissors with a Stone

January 18, 2012
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A man carrying his own weight in regret,
He tries to change even with his final breath,
He is the manifestation of anger and regret his wisest words were;
“People are greedy and selfish in nature;compassion brings no feasible end result. Everything is so cliché”
Is he correct? Or he is just a syndical sociopath?
Who the f*#k cares, I will live my cliché life and will end full of heartache and regret,
A fake smile on my face,
Until the day I die which seems to be the case,
And my final days I will give grace;
My sins I will attempt to erase.
If I could have one last request;
It would be forgiveness from all those that I’ve come to detest.
My jar of hearts is overflowing with broken glass,
Forgive me for my mistakes, it was for the best anyway.
All the dismay I caused you in the past days,
I told you I would change some day I guess that day was today.
This may seem to be apologetic, but I’m trying to be authentic;
If you can’t accept it, then I guess I take it back.
I’ll sit and watch your world disassemble;
Watch you fail to keep your head up,
But I’ll help you up.
Because even all the weight of regret in the world;
Could never stop me from protecting the one thing I love in the world that could never be replaced.
I’d give my heart to you and my soul to you. Shower you with compassion and selflessness.
But then, someone had to prove that pr**k wrong.

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