when i think about it all

January 20, 2012
By CHERRYBABI SILVER, Spokane, Washington
CHERRYBABI SILVER, Spokane, Washington
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when i hear your voice. i wanna cry cause i cant be with you no more. and your having the baby with my best friend and now its an ex-bestfriend.and it hurts to know you both can do that to me expsically after you both promised nothing would happen.when i hear her voice i wanna nothing but to hurt her and it feels at ezz now and i still cry to sleep every night after i heard that and i cant stand to be around her inless. she intial has something to say and that hurts worse and you know it and i know it as well. and i cant stand to see or hear about the pregnancy... but yet eveyrone dicides to ask me if i am ok or anything... and its like i am trying to get over him and not back to him... and they think i hate you but i really dont. and i cant tell them the truth or they will get mad and when they get mad they wont talk to me. and so its hard to even be how loving i am after three years of thinnking that you really,loved me and i thougt you were diffent but no your the same and original guy like the rest of them... and i cant see to get over you or anything. and i hate that i love you and i hate that i miss you but my head and my heart and soul just go to you. and i cant figure out why and i need to find out why!!! this is what and how it feels like when you see the guy you love with your ex bestfriend having a baby and being a family

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its life its how it comes and wont stop anytiem soon.

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