Warped part 1

January 14, 2012
By rachelmichelle BRONZE, Sharpsburg, Georgia
rachelmichelle BRONZE, Sharpsburg, Georgia
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Quiescent, belittled leaves rumble past

Insufflate poison, bleeding out fast

Pushed out the window and cut by the glass

Ariel stumbled down onto dewy grass

Menacing, a smile that lingered on his face

She yelped loudly, thrashing from the race

Lightning cackled as the dance began

The carousel screeched as it span

Weave up and down, round and round you go

But no matter what, He will always know

Where you are, what you’re doing

Ariel—this is your price for screwing

Around, breaking all those hearts in tow

Now as you drown, you try to row

You were a w****, just sayin

But now I never have to see you ever again


The author's comments:
Written out the shame of what has happened, and what might happen, I present to you, a piece of me.

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