December 27, 2011
By BrookBrook BRONZE, Dunbar, West Virginia
BrookBrook BRONZE, Dunbar, West Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
"You know my name, not my story."

She always fakes a smile,
but you can always see the truth in her eyes.
The hurt is to much for her now,
she just sits around & cries.

She cries out to a God that isn't there,
or maybe God just doesn't care?
She paces the floor a million times,
just to try & clear her mind.

Her hands starts to shake,
as she looks in the mirror.
The image is to much to take,
I try but she doesn't let me near her.

She start pulling at her hair.
She goes to the window & just stares.
Watching life as it passes her by.
she speaks softly, "I don't feel alive."

She circle the glass with her finger,
then slams her fist on it with a burst of anger.
She cries as she walks a way,
I try to speak but what can I say?

She slams the bedroom door
& I just go to it & sit on the floor.
I hear the bed as it squeaks,
I just listen, best not to speak.

Hours seems to pass,
I start clean up the broken glass.
I open the door softly,
I see her on the bed asleep.

I kiss her lips as I turn out the light,
I'm hoping tomorrow she'll be alright.
I grab a blanket & sleep in the chair,
I hope that she knows that I truly care

The author's comments:
I read a story about a girl battling with depression, and all through it there was her boyfriend trying to help her through. This came from that

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