Smile On Her Face

December 27, 2011
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She walks through life with a smile on her face
She laughs and is always happy, on the outside
Inside she's crying deep down.
People walk by her and see a happy normal girl
But what they don't know is that inside
She is broken and hurt.
She cries for the ones she once loved
For the ones that left her all alone
She hates the outside world.
And is always wishing she was not a part of it
On the outside she's smiling and laughing
On the outside she is faking.
If you looked deep into her eyes you would see the truth
But she never looks fully at you
Instead she looks at the ground or slightly away from you.
Only one has ever seen the truth
And in the end they walked away from her too.
Now she walks through life with a smile on her face
And always laughing and happy on the outside.

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