My Name In Crazy

January 8, 2012
By pandavalanche GOLD, Folsom, California
pandavalanche GOLD, Folsom, California
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It’s not just him or you or me
Or how the world’s supposed to be
My answers linger undefined
It drives me

I hear my voice inside my head
Asking how all of this will end
But what do you expect of me?
I’m too

And I wonder why I see
All of the lies and irrelevancy
Yet I’m naïve to beats and steady things
I know
I know
My heartbeat needs to stop persisting
And my mind needs to start listening
But I can’t ignore
And all the poetry
That keeps on dancing


Run more quickly, draw it out
When will you erase my doubt?
Decorating clutter is no use and only gives me proof
Wine is ignorance is bliss
Don’t stick around for one more kiss
Love is for the ones who drop their guns and start to breathe

It’s not just everything we see
Or how our feelings are meant to be
We’re seeking what we really need
We’re all so

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