who am i to you

December 30, 2011
By emo_poet21 BRONZE, Riverside, California
emo_poet21 BRONZE, Riverside, California
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i may be f****d up by your standards, but my standards are higher than yours.


you try to tell me you love me for who i am, but who i am is a secret to you. you think that i'm the sweet thing that smiles at the alter and loves everything. you don't see beneath the long sleeve shirts, you can't tell when life just hurts. you tell me you love me, but who am i to you? do you love my scars, do you love my hate? or is the me you see something great? i've tried to show who i am a little at a time, but the only thing i can do is write these rhymes. i hope you understand i don't hate you, you just don't know the real me, and i know the real you. you laugh at me every day, but you can't even tell, the words you use to describe somebody else. you're describing me, in every little word, everything you say, everything that hurts.

(chorus) but i won't change for you, and i won't change for light. i won't change for anyone who thinks that i'm not right. i wear these scars on my arms as a sign of the real me, and no matter what i tell you you'll always agree..... THAT I'M GOING THROUGH A PHASE, THAT MY PAIN'S NOT REALLY THERE, BUT THE THING THAT YOU DON'R REALIZE IS THAT MY PAIN IS EVERYWHERE!! when you tell me i'm a sinner, no good for anyone, i don't think that you realize the time i've spent with this gun

no one really loves me for who i really am, and i can't make it, i can't take, i can't live here on my own! (singers change here) don't worry little child i see who you are, you are beautiful, perfect, a precious work of art. don't let the world get you down sweet child, take my hand and all the while, i'll walk with you, you'll make it through, my whole life i've been waiting for someone like you.someone i could love with all of my heart, someone i could help shine as a work of art. my love is yours, take it all, i'm here for you, here for it all. (singer switch) are you my angel, my hope in life? i feel like i no longer have a need for this knife. a shoulder to lean on is all i ever wanted, and though by old memories i am haunted, you'll always be there as a light in the darkness (chorus fade out)

The author's comments:
this is about my friend , she got me through alot, and i hope people will learn tht there's always hope out there somewhere

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