The Robots

January 4, 2012
By musicaldifference BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
musicaldifference BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
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My converse are black and white
unlike life
it's not that there are colors
it's not that there are greys
it's not that there are others
who determine my ways
for sometimes it feels like I'm living
but not for giving

I walk a path alone, but there are friends nears
I smile on the outside, and hide my tears
for no one really knows what it's like for me
not to get a chance to breathe
to hold my head up high
and leave the past behind
and to try and show the world that I'm fine

2nd verse
some people have one body
with two faces
I am not in one of those races
for I believe in honesty
So what do I do in a world
where I'm ignored
How can I express myself
when I can't even speak
How do I show them that I'm wonderful
when they're so full
of s***
can't they get over it?

3rd verse
What's it going to take to fit in?
But is being different such a sin?
I don't agree with the way they treat me
so why would I want to be their friends?
Luckily after four hours it all ends.
but only to start up again.

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