Completely Alone

December 27, 2011
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She walks into a room full of people and feels completely alone.
No one notices the girl sitting on the floor
Tears pour from her eyes as she thinks of what has made her this way
All her life she's tried to please the world
She's given up her dreams for everyone else
She gave her heart and love to the wrong people
And just sat back and let them destroy her from the inside out
She walks through a crowd of people and feels completely alone
She says she wants to change
She says she wants to run her own life
But still she gives up her dreams for everyone else
She lets everyone walk all over her
Even with all of her friends and family
This girl, she still feels completely alone
Nobody can feel her pain
Nobody even notices the girl crying on the floor
Behind all the fake smiles she puts on
She's lying to the world that she's completely alone in
No one tries to take the pain away
No one tries to save her from her life
Everyone just overlooks the girl who sits completely alone
Even when she fights through the pain
Even when she stands up for her life
She's still completely alone
In all this pain and anger and hatred
She fights with everyone
She pushes everyone away
She wants to be completely alone
With her pain and misery
She doesn't want to drag people down with her
She did this to herself and now she will always be
Completely alone when she walks into a room full of people

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