Why Can't You

November 30, 2011
By Sailor_moon_luver SILVER, Fort Myers, Florida
Sailor_moon_luver SILVER, Fort Myers, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
There is no such thing as a coincidence. There is only hitsuzen (inevitablilty).

The dark angel comes in the night
Steals away the happiness
And replaces it with your cries

Tears of blood come down from your eyes
As you die inside
And with your heart broken and torn by lies


Why can’t you see me?
Why can’t you love me
The way you used to?
Are you so dead inside
That your ears can’t listen to
This song that I made for you.

Demons allow you to see the light
And then shroud you in darkness.
Watch as you die in the night.

You know, it’s easy to see your anger.
Your war with world
Puts you in danger.


Close your eyes
As the days go away
Tomorrow goes
And shows you the way

Tonight is the night we cry
Breathe your last
And prepare to die


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