December 3, 2011
Why do i love you?
well, why do you ask?
it's a simple answer
with many reasons;

i love you because you're you.
i love the color of your eyes,
i love the white of your teeth, and the smell of your hair.

i love how you're hooked
on every word i say
i love how you dream so big
and never loose sight of hope.

i love you
because you love me,
with all my faults
and my everything.

i love how you wake me up in the morning
to the smell of eggs and toast
and your endless humming
of variable notes.

i love you
because you're my super hero
helping me up when i fall down
repelling my every frown

i love you because without you, I'm nothing,
you're my every breath,
and you're my every laugh,
and you're my every bit of faith i have left

i love you
because you ask why i love.
silly one never self assured
on how you're every bit my only world

i love you because when i first saw you
i just knew,
and by the look in your eyes,
you did too

i love you because you saved my life
so many times.
you awake my raining heart
and made it shine.

so, why do i love you?
because i just do,
and i plan to love you forever,
'till my life's through

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youngspeare said...
Dec. 10, 2011 at 6:15 am
Nice poem you got there! Like the flow and the simplicity more like simple yet sophisticated. Keep posting (:
Check out my poem "Ghosts of the Past" and rate/comment? Would really appreciate it.
SovietHeart replied...
Dec. 25, 2011 at 8:25 pm
thank you! i read it and i loved it.
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