Losing your right as a father

November 29, 2011
By Anonymous

Now you’ve come looking for me,
But it’s my turn to turn the other way
Just like you did years ago
Now it’s your turn to feel the pain you left with me

This is your consequence for all the miserly you but upon me
It’s the tears that are going to weigh you down the most
Because for years that’s all you gave me
The pleasure of what feeling alone in this big world with no father

Why is it now you want to see me?
Why is it after five years you find time to come looking?
And the sad thing is that you’re looking in all the wrong places
When you know the right place is in your cold steal heart

You need to find me there before you come looking
Because all you’re going to do is cause more anguish
Your going to have to conquer your fears of being a father
Before even trying to come and fix things with me

So save yourself the trouble
Because you won’t find what you’re looking for,
My arms are no longer open for you
They closed the day you left me, it just took me awhile realize that

The author's comments:
sometimes blood means nothing its whose hter to raise you that matters

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