November 6, 2011
I'm so alone, just trapped in my box
My lonely tears fall out like sleet
I feel so much more alone when I'm out on the streets
Just left here to sweep
Up the mess of my nightmare dreams
My thoughts are bursting at the seams
Of my lost and lonely mind
Sew up my eyes and make me blind
Because I'm sick of the people who call me a freak
No, the real monsters lurk outside and peek
The days drag on so terribly long
Something about this feels so wrong
In my shoes, no one would last
I think I'm drowning way too fast
I really don't want to leave this place
But this world I'm not ready to face
Just too much that I can't take
All of these strangers are so fake
I can't put a gun to my head
These devils in me aren't yet fed
No one cares for me
I'm lonely

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