Our Futures Beat at the Shore

October 11, 2011
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Sit around and ignore your own pain
open your soul up to empathy
she lingers and thinks no one sees her
she doesn't see that I know her
cause she's Love's victim too
you know, it's nothing new
we are a generation of the mistaken
held our own for so long
but you know, pain is nothing new

And she holds herself together
even if just barely
do you think that she would hear me
if I called the call of the broken?
would she understand
my scars spell out my insecurities
but would she understand?

And would it matter,
if she saw me here
if she really saw the hidden
what could be given
to change it all
to save us all from ourselves

Yeah, I saw it in her eyes
but it's no surprise
she walks the walk of the betrayed
just because it's not too late
doesn't mean it's not too late to care
even the set of her lips
say she just needs to be kissed
by healing and feel this
cause she's never felt before
out futures beat at the shores....

I walk close
but I can't approach
the sad face without a smile
it's been quite a while
since I met someone so like me
but i lose my nerve to speak
for fear she to will push me away
just like I would if she asked me to stay

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