Hey, Flygirl

October 26, 2011
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Two years I’ve known you, and you refuse to change
And it’s four for him, but still he says the same
You say you’re ugly
You hate your hair
But if you looked though his eyes,
It’s a magic mirror
Hey, Flygirl
When you sing, did you know he hears?

[Chorus 1]
Hey, Flygirl
Did you hear him say he likes your eyes?
Hey, Flygirl
Did you ever wonder why?
Oh, and
Some day
I know
I’ll get to say ‘I told you so’
Hey, Flygirl
He’s been waiting on you the whole time
Hey, Flygirl
Don’t you say goodbye

You know the rules of the game
You know the team is mostly mud
But while you’re out kicking butt, he’s afraid of blood
But you’re both off the same beaten track
Didn’t you know opposites attract
Hey, Flygirl
You know how he makes you laugh

[Chorus 2]
Hey, Flygirl
Do you know his favorite songs?
Hey, Flygirl
Did you know you could never do him wrong?
Oh, and
He’s never looked at another girl
You could never know how you spin his world
Hey, Flygirl
I’m just pushing you along
Hey, Flygirl
Did you know how long?

You been growing up quick, but growing up for way too long
It’s getting harder every day to keep it cool, keep it strong
To him the past ain’t just the past
But still, your window’s closing fast
Hey, Flygirl
This could be your moment at last

[Chorus 3]
Hey, Flygirl
Take a breath, look in his eyes
Hey, Flygirl
You’re just starting to realize
Why I smiled when I saw you two
Remembering the kind things he would do
Hey, Flygirl
You know it’s about time
Hey, Flygirl
Take a deep breath, and dive

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Stunaminous said...
Dec. 28, 2011 at 7:09 pm
i love these lyrics and i could totally sing it in my head. i can really relate to this. Keep writing awesome stuff.
owl-girl replied...
Dec. 29, 2011 at 11:31 am
Thanks so much! I have kept writing... check out my other work?
Stunaminous replied...
Dec. 29, 2011 at 12:50 pm
ive looked at most of your other stuff and i ike "patience" the best by far.
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