The End of our Friendship

October 12, 2011
By Anonymous

Now remember the days when me and you were friends,
We used to say to each other that we'll be close till the end,
All the moments we shared are etched in my heart as good memories,
I can't grasp the fact that we have turned into enemies,

Your sweet smile used to be the light in my darkness,
Now all this pain is tearing me apart into sadness,
You may not care anymore but I got one or two more thing to say,
I wish that we didn’t have to end up this way,

I'll always miss you more than words can express,
I used to look up to you,
But why did you get me caught up in this mess?
I'm now falling out of words,
It just hurts too much,

To be thinking ’bout it and letting it out all at once,
You stabbed me more than twice behind my back,
And each time, your betrayal made me shatter like crystal blue glass,
I would say sorry if I had an idea about where I went wrong,

But I know I did nothing so tell me what's the point,
To be shedding these heartbreaking tears,
When I was always the last one to know about the lies you let others hear…

The author's comments:
This poem is about a sad ending to a friendship...

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