Too Late for the Turning

October 18, 2011
By DantesDilemma SILVER, Fort Myers, Florida
DantesDilemma SILVER, Fort Myers, Florida
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"Human beings are free, except when humanity needs them.

Kneel on the shore
All hope sails towards the setting sun
Withhold nothing more
Than the evidence of what’s been done.
So violent, your rebirth
Left you broken like a child’s toy
Crushed in the dirt
Thieves and liars start to dance with joy

But you couldn’t live forever,
Know nobody can.
It was only a matter
Of time before you’re buried by our trembling hands

The storm closes in
Clouds echoes the devil’s laughs
Cold twilight begins
To show the labors of your autumn’s craft.
Fend off the dark,
Light the pyres as your martyrs burn
Anger filled hearts,
While the women and the children mourn.

But you can’t live forever
I wish that you could
But it’s only a matter
Of time before you’re buried for your own good.

The author's comments:
This piece is a metaphor for someone who turns away from addiction when they're older, only to realize it's too late to undo all the damage they've caused.

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