Lonely Dreamer

October 13, 2011
Hey, Lonely Dreamer.
Whatcha looking for?
Show them the surprise
Hiding in your diamond eyes

Hey, Firm Believer.
Whatcha fighting for?
They said you'd never sing your song
But you just have to prove them wrong

You just keep playing your guitar
Honey, you'll go far
You know you have a choice
Don't use your inside voice

Scream out, a song of redemption
Breath out, all the horror within
You'll save the world, you'll save the world
Dream out, the world of tomorrow
Take out, all the pain and sorrow
Hey, little girl, you'll save the world.
My Lonely Dreamer

Hey there, Musician
Play the music loud
No matter what the critics say
Don't turn your music down

Hey there, Advocate
Brave to the bone
If you just support your cause
You'll never have to dream alone

You just keep playing your guitar
Honey, you're gonna be a star
You know you have a choice
You're gonna make the world rejoice

My Lonely Dreamer

Through all your blood and your tears
Through all your hate and your fears
Even when they spit in your face
Stand on your pedestal and take your rightful place

Honey, all their hearts are cold
And all their intentions are bold
You just gotta wear a smile
Honey, some day, your gonna rise in style


Hey, Lonely Dreamer.
Love's worth looking for
They're sure to be suprised
With what's behind those diamond eyes

Hey, Firm Believer.
Faith's worth fighting for
They said you'd never sing your song
Bet it felt good to prove them wrong

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Belle Hales said...
Oct. 18, 2011 at 5:23 pm

Hey! Just saying, I really like this song. I think it is really well written and has meaning to it. And u inspire me. :)


tdevore said...
Oct. 15, 2011 at 10:07 am
Love it! You are a wonderful representative of your generation.
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