True Love

October 1, 2011
By Anonymous


Words flow from my soul
sketching themselves across my heart
while the darkness creeps along the side

(verse 1)

My heavy eye's close, i can't feel...
i can't feel anything
I'm sorry... I'm sorry i couldn't tell you I love you
while death takes what's left,
of what never was
and the lyrics keep flowing

(verse 2)

I miss what wasn't ever mine
the light blue eyes, the flowing hair
nothing could compare
i tried, but you lied, we both cried
and now I'm here
away from you

(verse 3)

relieve the pain of losing you
the hate that wasn't ours to bear
only death would understand
managing to rid you or your pain...
of everything
and the lyrics keep flowing

(verse 4)

was my heart not strong enough
to keep us from falling?
your fake apology wasn't strong enough
to keep me from breaking
your tears rolled down like razorblades, cutting everything
then you were gone, and i was here
away from you

(verse 5)

The knife that took you
was left, a priceless relic.
One of our time; one of how it ended
the scars still won't heal
their still painted across my skin
but the lyrics keep flowing

(verse 6)

You satisfied me, when i needed you
your smile brightened my darkest hour
you gave me everlasting joy
until i learned joy can't last
my joy was broken, when you were broken before me
and i couldn't help, i could only watch
as you were taken away from me

(verse 7) (last)

here is where you left me
cold, alone, lifeless
holding on to what was left
what was left of the memories you gave me
the sacred relic in my hand
breathing my last breath
waiting to be with you

Until the lyrics stopped flowing


The author's comments:
I really wanted to express love so deep that it would cause death by writing. The funny part was, it sounds kind of like Romeo and Juliet, but I had never even heard the story of R&J when I wrote this, so it seemed almost destined to be written in some weird way.

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