Devils Keep

September 24, 2011
KristenEmily13 BRONZE,
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I want to die slowly in agony,
Trapped in the devils keep.
Let the flames eat away all that I once was,
and planned to become.

Hear the angels screaming, crying, and dying.
Drown yourself in their tears to be saved.
Let our past be purified,
A final wish for those who’ve been damned.

Whore-ish cycle cannot be broken,
The devil himself is the ringmaster.
Abide to the laws he’s laid down,
Burn for eternity as his slave.
Screwed up world you did this to us,
Signed the contract without consent.
Now we pay for your mistakes,
Will anyone truly rebel?

Wings of hope are only made to make you fall harder,
The light at the end is only a sick hallucination,
Innocence is unheard of, the devil rapes it all ,
Flames rise only to eat what chance there may be,
Let us all die now.


Magic and angels are worthless now,
They cannot save us anymore, its too late,
We are the only hope, until we fall again,
Whipped back in line, it can’t go on.

…Let us all die now…


Who will start the revolution?!

The author's comments:
This has to be the darkest piece I have ever written. Also, it is not worshipping the devil. He is simply a metaphoric figure. :)

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