Heaven's Haven (Metal lyrics)

September 14, 2011
By Porkpye GOLD, Waterford, Michigan
Porkpye GOLD, Waterford, Michigan
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Fridriech Niechze

Death on wings does now prevail;

As silenced mortals gather council;

And Pride in judgment and Lust on trial;

Jury of angels no less vile;

For Corruption stains the white of Christ;

And great God scorned by man’s delight;

The magic dead are alive once more;

As daemons drive the damned in hordes;

The hammer’s fall and cringing wire;

Is twisted to the smith’s desire;

As a blade is forged from Grapes of Wrath;

And cities flooded in bloody bath;

To council no more on this, a crisis;

Too great the strain of man’s devices;

The Dragons, mighty blasphemies;

And all hallows driven of heresies;

In Devil’s mouth, the traitor laughs;

The center of torment, torn in half;

As all Druids rise to play;

And armies of saints of elder days;

Of battles lost and fights they fought;

The terrible swords by man were wrought…

The author's comments:
My first attmept at lyrics for my friend's metal band. If metal isn't your cup o' tea, please keep you comments to yourself.

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