How Dare You

September 2, 2011
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Who do you think you are
To push me this far?
To the point of revenge
I'm right on the edge
Better step back
Clean up your act

Wake up and realize
What you're doing to me
Open your eyes
I hope you see that you've messed with me

Forget about how you feel today
I bet you'll be wanting me tomorrow
As you try to drown me in sorrow
By walking away

It'll be you
Knocking at the front door
Saying I'm sorry I just can't fight it anymore
I told you I'd see you again
Knew you'd be back in the end

How dare you treat me like I'm your property?
Before you speak to me, ask me
If I really care anymore
Oh, you called me a b****
You said I was a wh***
How dare you try to sympathize
And try to win me back with those sad eyes?

Chorus x1

When night comes down on you
Think about why we're through

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