Battlefield of Love

August 24, 2011
By hockeyjock10 BRONZE, Morgan Hill, California
hockeyjock10 BRONZE, Morgan Hill, California
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Love is like a battlefield,
And you all know why.
Because when you get shot,
Feeling like going to die.

But you got to get up,
Got to carry one the fight.
Even though there might be,
Nobody left in sight.

And I do realize what you did,
Trying to feel gay.
But you left me,
Now what is left is to say.

You had me for good,
Now you leave me feeling chewed.
No stop talking,
I'm not in the mood.

Listen what you did,
It's hard to forgive.
But you can't stop reminding me,
Of thoughts I can't relive.

Like I said earilier,
Girl you shot my heart.
Now being in love with you,
Man, that wasn't smart.

I've never been the same,
Since you screwed me over.
Now i'm looking for luck,
Maybe a girl with a clover.

Listen it was nice,
You were nice to me.
Now I got to leave the past,
So I can start being me.

I know this is hard to hear,
I know you think I suck.
But your the one who cheated,
What can I say? TOUGH LUCK.

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