Fear of Falling in Love

September 3, 2011
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(Verse I)
Love songs
Romantic comedies
With soft melodies
All telling me to believe
But I don’t want to be naïve
So I tell myself love doesn’t exist
But maybe there’s something that I’ve missed

I have a fear
Of falling in love
I’m afraid
To break
And I’m afraid of regret
Because I hate
Feeling so upset
Because of lost love
But it seems
That it comes
Without worries
Or apology
(Verse II)
People say things
That they don’t mean
Have no intention
Of honesty
And barriers
Keep you from being seen
From everything that you think you need
I try to rely on myself
Rather than anybody else

(Repeat Chorus)

I don’t want to cry
Myself to sleep
Or ask why
‘Cause I just want to smile
With my own satisfaction
So let me be
It’s all I need

(Repeat Chorus)

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