Maybe it's me

September 1, 2011
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Maybe it's me
Maybe it's not how
I thought it would be
I'm all alone now
It's getting dark out
I'm scared
I miss you

I remember the nights
When you'd walk me home
And kiss me goodnight
In the pale moonlight
You'd tell me
You'd miss every second
We were apart
Now I know it was a lie

You took my heart and
You tore it apart
So you could be
With my best friend
I didn't think that
My best friend would
Do this to me
But, I knew you would someday
So, I tried not to
Get too attatched to you
But, I failed
Now I regret every
Minute with you
You said goodbye
And I realized
Maybe it's me

So you walked away
From everything we had
I thought it was love
Now, I know your friends
Dared you to date me
To you it was all
One big joke
I thought I was falling
In love with you
Now, I know you're not
The one
You're not
The one

(Repeat Chorus)

Now, my best friend
Broke up with you
Now, you want me back
You're saying sorry
But, I don't belive you
You beg me
You cry for me
But, I can't trust you
Now, I 'm the one saying sprry
I'm over you
I'm over you

(Repeat Chorus) x2

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