Unmasking Superman

August 29, 2011
By Anonymous

When I was young
Superman was the best
He was big and he was strong
And he was just like you
I just didn’t know that you had Kryptonite too

You were so tall
Now you are so wrong
And I’m wondering how I ever believed you could fly
I was falling for such a silly lie
And you let me put you so high up
That when you fell it was a far drop
You fell head first and the worst part is you didn’t even realize it.

When I was young
Batman was my love
He was generous and powerful
And he was just like you
I just didn’t know that you had a joker inside of you too

You were so amazing
Now you’re so mean
And I wonder how I ever thought that you protected us all
You saw the bad guy forgetting it was you all along
You pointed fingers not realizing three were pointing back at you
And like two face you fooled us all with your “good” side
And I was fooled too

When I was young
Spiderman was my best friend
He was a geek and amazing
And he was just like you
I just didn’t know you had Venom in you too

You were so smart
And now you’re so unintelligent
How you were the good guy to me is hard to understand
Because I used to see red and blue costume
But now you’re covered in the black goop of Venom
And you are too far gone to save
You had your chance to be my super Dad but you fell as soon as I saw under your mask

When I was young
My Dad was my Hero
He was perfect and loving
But he’s no longer you
I just see the villain inside of you

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