Southern Pride

August 26, 2011
By Mirinda95 GOLD, Dunnegan, Missouri
Mirinda95 GOLD, Dunnegan, Missouri
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We drive our diesel trucks,
down these back country roads,
aint nothin' gonna make me hate this peace,
wallk up into a city,
an we're all hicks, rednecks,
but I aint a redneck,
unless I got a sun burn,
I aint a hick unless you think my southern drawl makes me a hick,
y'all may think what ya want bout us southerners,
but we got southern pride,
and we dont take no crap from nobody,
y'all are nothing but a bunch of drug addicts,
who think were all drunks,
but it's just that we love our moonshine,
were country,
we hunt,
we fish,
we go mudding,
we drink,
but that's cause were from a small town,
y'all may think were drunks or rednecks,
If you think im a hick,
so are you,
you hunt, fish, and party,
just like but were proud,
were proud,
yall were just southern proud

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