August 18, 2011
By emjogrusk SILVER, Lasalle, Illinois
emjogrusk SILVER, Lasalle, Illinois
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Take life by surprise.

Remember how we got here?
Youre the one that screwed this up
You had me at your every word
Now it’s me that you can’t trust?
I lied because you made me
Im not the perfect that you need
You admit that you love someone else
And expect that to go over smoothly

I’m not asking you to hold me up
I can hold myself just fine
I only want you, the one I met when
We were meeting for the very first time
If you can’t drop your complications
If you can’t leave your past behind
Let me off at the nearest exit
Give me my time back, and let me rewind

In my head’s a wreck, I’m hurting
You’ve pulled me every way I go
Make your choice, don’t drag me down
Time to let your true colors show

The extra mile would be, “hold me up”
I’ll let you hold me all the time
Show me that boy, the one that I met when
We were meeting for the very first time
We can drop our former troubles
Leave the past behind
Open the door, let me into your “right now”
Throw all the latest out, and we can rewind

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