I told me so

August 18, 2011
By emjogrusk SILVER, Lasalle, Illinois
emjogrusk SILVER, Lasalle, Illinois
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Today I raised my hopes again, wishing I had not
Disappointment, my old friend, I’m glad we had this talk
No one to go to now, I drove them all away
The “I told you so”s would be too easy for them to say
I hoped you wouldn’t love her, I hoped you would see
The way I’m crazy about you, how happy we could be
I jumped in without looking, but now that I know
I’m preaching to myself, “I told me so”

They told me you’d play it, well I told me that too
I blinded myself with the future I hoped to have with you
I told me I was foolish for giving you your shot
The drive to listen to myself was something I forgot
Left alone, but why? Was it something I did
No, it was your past love, cashing in her bid
From anybody else it aches to hear them gloat
But even worse is “I told me so”

They told me you would fail me, as if I tested you
They told me it would be the same, they told me the truth
I didn’t want to listen, I believed you had changed
I should have heard them out, before giving it away
You told me you were different, you should be ashamed
I have no one else but your selfish heart to blame
I told myself be careful, let your guard down slow
I went and jumped the gun, left with nothing to show
I told me so, I told me so

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