July 29, 2011
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Don't want to walk out the door,
'Cause I know I'll lose once more.
Rain falls from above,
Dripping parts of my love.
The roof top begins to flood,
Inside I'm losing blood.
Close the window from the cold,
Our relationship is getting old.
Tornadoes decent from the skies,
Destined to rip apart my lies.
A blizzard stirs in the air,
Confusing me whether we're a good pair.
Lightning strikes the spot,
Still weak from the previous time we fought.
Thunder roars overhead,
Keeping me awake in bed.
Flashes light up the night,
This is where I used to hold you tight.
Buried in my pillow,
Can't stand to look out the window.
You are my saving grace,
The one I saw every night in space.
Solar storms suck in my words,
These are the reasons why they're never heard.
An avalanche covers my memory,
When remembering us was becoming easy.
Went in the dark searching for you,
Letting the stars guide me through.
A rockslide knocks me unstable,
Stranding me inside a fable.
Sun rises forming a heat wave,
Exhausted, but I'll continue to be brave.
Silence starts a drought,
I've forgotten what we used to fight about.
It's a good thing I'm locked indoors,
Instead of outside where the rain pours.
Clouds fog up my mind,
Struggling along I'll continue too find.
Water evaporates into mist,
Have I mentioned you're the one I miss?
Tsunami breaks my heart,
I gather the pieces and restart.
Hurricanes blow me off the bay,
But they're not strong enough to keep me away.
A fissure makes a dent in the ground,
Deaf from hearing any sound.
Strange, I hear your voice,
When I'm suppose to hear no noise.
I look up to the pitch black sky,
And see a shooting star pass by.
One wish comes to mind,
That'd I'd go back in time.
Meteors strike my back,
Takes more to knock me off track.
Rain freezes to impaling hail,
Missing me with epic fail.
Thought you may be in the forest,
Took a little stroll in the shortest.
Lightning strikes a log, causing a wildfire,
Spreading around calling me a liar.
Flowers bring out the truth in me,
If you don't believe I'll set you free.
It all comes down to the day,
When I left you walk away.
Don't remember you leaving,
That's why I'm not believing.
Heat rises changing to steam,
Awaking me out of this deep dream.
To my dismay,
You're in your room out of harms way.
I'm drifting back to sleep within the dorm,
Safe inside from the thunderstorm.

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