July 22, 2011
By Clopsey PLATINUM, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Clopsey PLATINUM, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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You watched your world fall apart
All the bonds seemed to be severed
And in the falling debris
You tried to hold it all together

You stood helpless as the ones you love
Fell injured to the ground
And in the shock of what was happening
You didn’t make a sound

Now you can’t stand your reflection
Something nags that you’re to blame
That if you hadn’t messed it up
It would be different today

And you feel you should have been there
You should have stopped it coming down
Your mind says that it’s not your fault
But the doubt clings all around

You say that it’s a good thing
That this calm is overdue
That you came out of this just fine
But I know that isn’t true

You say your anger and your hurt
Well, they’re not justified
You say that you’re not being fair
That you just need to try

But I watch you trying every day
And in your eyes I see it’s real
The shattered pieces cut your hands
Pain you try hard not to feel

So let your tower fall
And set down your jagged shards
It’s killing you to prop it up
The edges tear your palms apart

Let the fear and pain and rage
Fall to ashes with the rest
You know that you can’t save it all
But you can still salvage the best

In time the dust will settle
And you will stand and walk away
In time, you’ll find, your wounds will heal
Be strong, my friend, you’ll be okay

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