Nothing at all

July 19, 2011
By raven1694 SILVER, Hull, Massachusetts
raven1694 SILVER, Hull, Massachusetts
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I never thought we would be over.
But I think that we should not hover,
Over the fact that u started it all,
Ended it all,
And let our friendship fall.
Didn’t fight for it,
You just went and quit.
We shouldn’t hover over how you ended it.
It seemed like our friendship was nothing at all.

Those words, vicious as they were,
Unfortunately have no cure
We could never be friends
Not after that horrible end…

Where our friendship meant nothing at all,
Maybe you thought that I’d crawl
Back to you.
But when I said FU
For you, did it hurt or appall,
That to me now, our friendship meant nothing at all?

You thought you’d put me in my place.
Too bad you’d never say it to my face.
Still looking back you must think you were right,
For texting me words that you knew would cause a fight.

And this song
Is to let you know u were wrong,

For saying:

I was nothing, I was a b****,
For commenting on how you acted which,
Made me realize Nikki Minaj was 100 percent correct in saying, If you’re a girl who tells it like it is, people think you’re a b****.
But honestly I’d rather be speaking my mind,
Cause listening to your lies made me find

My voice.
It’s my choice.
You should realize,
That I might be shy,

But I’m not afraid to say:
We’re done. Forget you, because we are through.
You are the true b**** for trying to tell me what to do.
Doesn’t matter to me.
Your hypocrisy,
Made me see,

The real you.
Something I thought was good,
That was nice,
But honey you ain’t nothing to me.
Not willing to pay that price.

Cause now I’m proud to say:
I’m glad we’re over.
Glad that I’m standing twenty feet tall,
Because looking back, our friendship meant nothing at all.

The author's comments:
I used to have a friend who tried to control me, and when I didn't agree he flipped out on a text. So this is to let him know, clearly our friendship meant nothing at all.

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