My Lost thought/Plan

May 4, 2011
As I sit and try to think of a way,
my thoughts keep running away.
At night I meditate time and again,
these thoughts traveling inside my head.
I don’t know what to do,
as these thoughts start to stew.
I finally get an idea in my head,
but then it’s time for bed.

When I wake up and get ready,
my brain hurts and I’m unsteady.
I can’t remember what I did last night,
totally forgot my plan out right.
How could I do this to myself now?
I had this planned, it’s not allowed.
Screwing myself out of this better way,
now I’ll have to spend another day.

I never before had this problem,
my thoughts just seemed to blossom.
I need to remember what I knew,
as those thoughts seemed to brew.
I’m lost in thought as they say,
as I spend yet another day.
Thinking and hoping that I’ll see,
all the things that I’ll need.

If only I hadn’t forgotten that plan,
now I don’t know if I will or can.
All my plans are gone now and forever,
simply because I had to surrender.
To a world of slumber and dream,
my thoughts and plans are now unseen.
All because I had to sleep last night,
my thoughts are now a fading light.

My thoughts are my own,
down to my very bone.
No one can take or claim them,
as they are my own special gem.
Only I can see the way they grow,
or the way that they glow.
I need to remember that thought,
the plan that I had long forgot.

So as I sit here thinking,
unmoving, and unblinking.
My thoughts tend to slip away,
I’ll have to spend yet another day.
Unable to grasp my view of hell,
they tell me that I’ll do well.
People try to understand it my way,
but in their minds they sway.

I don’t want to continue this way,
why don’t people just go away?
I can’t think anymore about this,
we say that ignorance is bliss.
If it were true,
and some could prove.
I would be the happiest alive,
But alas it isn’t, and so I thrive.

To remember my thoughts and plan,
I turned around and ran.
My problems aren’t so big or tough,
actually that’s just my bluff.
To me this seems unacceptable,
that my thoughts are inaccessible.
I must try my best,
to reign in the rest.

I’m so lost and confused,
my brain feels so unused.
To forget such a plan as mine,
to not remember such divine.
The things I wanted to do and say,
all lost because of yesterday.
To the sleep that all require,
but now to me this is dire.

As I sit and try to think of a way,
my thoughts still keep running away.
Yet again I cannot remember that plan,
I just want to stand up and demand.
To remember what I needed to do,
as those long lost thoughts began to stew.
Why did this have to happen?
I did have such a great plan.

Alas I’ll have to try this again,
to gain such a great plan.
This time I’ll write it down,
and when I get up, I won’t have a frown.

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