July 3, 2011
By shanzi1234 BRONZE, Canby, Oregon
shanzi1234 BRONZE, Canby, Oregon
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When life gives you lemons, squeeze them in your enemy's eyes and run.

Sunny days go by
and still I cry,
the tears like a storm
blowing in.

The days go on,
I still don't have
a change of

Will I survive?
will I get through this?
Will it get better or worse?
Will I see the sun again?

But the days get longer
and the tears fall harder.
The sunny days turn into
rainy clouds.

The days go on
I still don't have
a change of

Still the days go by,
still I cry.
The tears like a storm
blowing in.

My tears like the stars
in a clear night sky.
The moon always full and high
and shining bright.

The sun comes out
to dance to an
unheard melody.
It's morning.

The author's comments:
This song is about pain and the passing of depression.
The reason I wrote this song is because of the way my stepmother has treated me since I can remember and how being around her makes me feel. And I hope people will hear me when I say depression is hard to get past and hurts but if you try hard enough to work out the problem you'll find it easier to avoid falling into depression.

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