A song for Grandma

June 29, 2011
The church bells ring and the music starts to play,
Sadness fills the air in the room on this very day.
Today we gather here to say our final goodbye,
And watch all the people here cry.
I see you lay there at the front of the room,
You lifeless body, so pitiful and gloom.
It’s hard to be strong for you,
I’m torn up, as I won’t see you.
All the memories I have of us,
Have started to fade away.
I can’t grasp the thought of you,
Not being here.
Every time I think about it,
My cheek sustains another tear.

I don’t understand why you had to go,
My heart feels so weak and so hallow.
The preacher starts preaching the last words to tell,
My eyes, so red begin to swell.
I look up at the casket and watch you lay,
I wish I could bring you back, to stay.
But the past is the past and we have our time,
But though you’re gone the memories of you will stay,
Even though you are so far away.

You’re up in heaven now, where you belong,
The cancer ate you up, and you stayed strong.
Now you’re my angel watching over me,
Times sure are tough; no one said it would be easy.
This is not the end,
I will be sure to see you again.

Soon your body will be put underground,
With all the dirt coming in to surround.
On top of your grave the flowers will be placed,
Ever though you’re gone, I can still see what you have faced.
I wish I could have you back and instead of you,
I would take your place.
You were not just another pretty face,
But a mother, grandmother, friend and wife.
There’s a special place where you will be,
Inside of everyone including me.
Your grave says ‘Charlotte’
That’s where you will always be buried.
I’ll be sure to visit that place in the cemetery,
In that place is where my heart will stay,
With you until the end of days.
I love you, Grandma.

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