Won't forget

June 21, 2011
By Alice102030 SILVER, Sacramento, California
Alice102030 SILVER, Sacramento, California
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You used to be my light,
Protected me all the time.
You used to be the only one
Who understood me when I was sad.

You used to be my spirit
When everybody laughed at me.
You used to be my reason
To live without any doubt.

I really don’t wanna go,
Go away, far from your touch,
But don’t you see
Everything changes now

I wanna be with you
Like the moon and the stars
I wanna keep this moment forever
But I can’t

I have to go now
Before it’s too late
So let me go away
And leave me alone

I’ll always remember your smile
I’ll always remember your face
And I promise I won’t forget you
If you promise you won’t forget me

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