Soul Searching

June 5, 2011
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Music in my heart with my pulse as the beat.
I can feel it in my veins as its making one with me.
And i write what i feel or just what its thought to be.
But my blood runs cold if my heart stops the beat.
So the flow just goes without stopping to be seen.
Should i write about pain or how rhythms all you need?
Just a sign of sure luck or a master with a seed?
That i've planted in your mind to think further to succeed.
I'm a stoner with a mind taken over by his weed.
And i think about truth as i hunger and i feed.
Is there more to life then all the stories that i read?
All i do is sit and think as i wait patiently.
I was born a little kid,now a man born to lead.
And my soul was trapped once but my mind set it free.
Cause the music sought me out,wrap your notes around me.
And theres not a feeling greater then the feeling of release.
I'm a man with a plan to take over with my deeds.
Showing people,one by one,what to think and to believe.
And were altogether one,look at the color that we bleed.
I was lost,but i'm found with a reason to exceed.
I don't know about you,but i'm proud to say i'm me.
Cause i've worked hard enough for my life to meet my dreams.
And i call myself the poet of the life giving tree.
Cause ill give your life back from the country thats a thief.
But its more of like showing cause its in your face to see.
You just really havent noticed cause its more of mentally.
But ill tell you what to do,just listen up and have a seat.
Sit back close your eyes and let your heart feel the beat.

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