Loss For Words

June 14, 2011
Even though you say the least
Your comments mean the most
The way it feels with your eyes on me
The way it feels when we’re close
Got me on the edge
I just don’t understand
What exactly broke us down
Face to face, here today
I guess there’s no hiding it now

So tell me what you need to say
Cause I’m at a loss for words
Tried to keep us safe
But I lost you anyway
Say it’s over, say anything
Cause I’m at a loss for words
And nothing’s going the right way
We won’t ever be…the same
The same…

We grew to us, plain and simple
That’s just the path we got
Now I’m stranded stuck in the middle
Seemingly I missed my shot
Got me holding back
It got awkward so fast
Now your eyes burn through me
I won’t be, first to speak
Cause that’ll just make me look weak


The tension’s just incredible
But you’re so unforgettable
Got me going out of my mind
Trying to justify your depart
And I’m crazy, it’s so tragic
The way you act, got me manic
And I'm going out of my mind
Trying to justify…this broken heart…
Oh trying to justify…your depart...


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