Loving Father's Surprise

June 2, 2011
By Anonymous

There was once a loving father,
who had a darling little girl.
With bright blue eyes and ringlets,
eager to see the world.

And the little girl had a mother,
who was the loving father’s wife.
A happy family of three,
inside a picture-perfect life.

The little girl’s birthday was nearing,
And she didn’t waste one thought
Not thinking of what to ask for,
Not thinking of what to want.

But the little girl’s loving father,
had already made a special surprise.
Not something she had asked for,
but something he knew would brighten her blue eyes.

And then the little girl’s birthday came,
And her mother made a special cake.
Specified to her liking,
with instructions on how to bake.

And the little girl and her mother,
waited for her father’s surprise.
But the little girl’s loving father,
never showed his light gray eyes.

And so the little girl took her special cake
And her not-so-special tears,
And ran away with the burden on her back
Of her father’s special surprise.

The author's comments:
This started as a piece of work for my English class, but i think it describes a good story.

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