"The Dead Tree and the Dead Heart Beat"

June 8, 2011
Mrs. Zimmerman lied asleep
Only snoring and not making another unusual peep
Dreaming she was flying above the sea
And conquering the clouds with her bare feet

The night was dark and quiet as one can plainly see
And the darkness blanket her home with the color of the shadow of her feet
Then she heard a sound like a bird’s soft peep
Ol’ Mrs. Zimmerman woke with a mighty leap
She stood outside her chamber door out to seek
What ruined her dreams of the sea?

She was next to a window presenting the moon and its white light
It hung on the black sky high, bright, and tight
Without declaring a fight
She returned to her chamber to resume to her dreams of the night

The peep turned to a soft thump
Ol’ Mrs. Zimmerman stood outside her chamber door
And saw nothing but the darkness and its pure bore

As she closed her chamber door; barley letting go of the knob of her door
She heard a louder thump and opened the door
And saw nothing but the darkness and its pure bore
She closed the door

Thump! Thump! Thump!
The sound grew louder and faster by the second outsider her door
And feeling the beat through the wooden floor
But saw nothing but the darkness and its pure bore

Dying of fright and mad to see
She ran and screamed
Down the stares from her chamber door
Down the stairs she tripped, rolled, and broke her neck on the face of the wooden floor

What started as a peep
Was the dead tree
Hitting the window that frightened thee
And the thump was the echo of Mrs. Zimmerman’s heart beat
The sounded rose with rate that rattled the walls and the floor
Which made Ol’ Mrs. Zimmerman scare sore

And there she lied, cold and dead as the dead tree
But alone in her dream
Flying above the sea
But dead as one can plainly see

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