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June 7, 2011
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Save my heart from the lost and broken
Restraining myself from the toll
Because I've been overpowered and out spoken
But I'm tired of provoking the soul of a poser
and I'm working on not hurting
and your working on a golden heart token
and if i give you the time it might leave me uncertain
Ill be the the words outspoken
Im so serious...I'm not joking

So will you take a chance
Will you take my hand
Ill take the tI'me
Ill make this last

Girl- baby , nothing written said we'll be forever
Boy-Well nothing said i broke your heart on purpose
Girl- and i know mistakes are prone because we're not perfect
Boy-I just dont get the law of effect.i just want back what was meant.
Girl- make these heart halves whole
Boy-SometI'mes second chances are worth it i never meant to over crowd
and over protect.

(rap)Shawty I dont know what you do
to blow up my mind all day
but shawty I've been thinking of you in every which way
day after day and I'm tired of just throwing away
and i know you say you dont want no babies
but I'ma man fit me into your schedule
and youll never regret it
Fit me into your plans
because I'm tired of these ohs
tryin to grind on my swagg
and I'm tired of this girls that just dont last
So lets keep it real one hundred
I want you 100% this tI'me
and I'm not a scrub i got my own money
So I'm wondering...

Will you take a chance
will you take my hand
ill take the tI'me
ill make this last
because truely I'm not like the other guy
I may not be your first
but I'm worth being your last

So will you take a chance
Will you take my hand
Ill take the tI'me
Ill make this last...

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