The Start

May 27, 2011
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It started near the benches,
under the tree
He was looking at me
didn't know but I could see
And that was the first time
I felt i knew where i wanted to be
Then it falls into place and it falls apart
But that silly little story will always be the start
Goosebumps and butterflies
All that makes you want to dance
But in the end maybe
its justa high school romance
So many memories, so much fun
Thinking about all the things i could have done
All these pages that my diary has preserved
With these expressions and gestures, minutely observed
Who knew they'd form the best book I've read
Better than vampires, werewolves or any fantasies in my head
They're beautiful, childish, stupid and sweet
I'm reading the parts I thought I lost of me
Things will change and come what may
But alteast here, I'd always be the protagonist of my play
Even thought lately this seems to happen alot
That i dont have a clue how i got, where i got
Theres this one true thing
that I'll always know in my heart
That i'll be okay
as long as I could trace myself back to the start

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