Don't Leave Me On My Own

May 22, 2011
By BossyGirl SILVER, Murray, Utah
BossyGirl SILVER, Murray, Utah
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Baby, now why do we have to be so confusing
Cause in this battle of love I know I’m loosing
Mmmm… I don’t know how I feel about you
And how do I know what your saying is true

Cause I guess I love you, but I don’t really know
I guess I need you, when I have no where else to go
But I know I want you, so please don’t leave me on my own

Come on baby, let us be serious
Tell me how you feel, cause your making me delirious
And yes, you hurt me so much
And its pathetic how I still long for your touch


And I know some people think we’re crazy
But I don’t really care
My days without you are hazy
A life without you would be bare

I love you- now I know
Ya…and now I know just how much I need you
And I’ve always known that your all I’ve wanted…

So please, please baby please! don’t leave me here on my own…

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