Mr. Hero of the U.S.A.

May 13, 2011
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I bet it was hell
With all the death around you
And all the heat and the horrible smell
And I bet you couldn’t wait to get the hell out
Of that Vietnam War

You went through hell
Fighting for your Red, White, and Blue
You watched you buddies die
You saw angels fly
Carrying them home
And yet you still fought on
For your stars and stripes
God Bless you on your way
As the eagle flies
Mr. Hero of the U.S.A.

And when you finally got back home
People avoided you, and others just hated you
All you did was fight for the country you love
And now some of those no-good kids, who ain’t never fought in a war
Are cursing you and stabbing you in the back

Some people just need to shut up
They have no idea what they are talking ‘bout

Chorus 1x

No one wants to talk to you
Just because we lost the war
Well it’s not your fault
You just did what you were told to do

Chorus 1x

I can’t imagine what you went through
But thank you for all you did for us
I have so much respect for you
Again, thank you so very much
And God Bless you one your way
You’re my hero today

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megpie000 said...
Jun. 18, 2011 at 3:47 pm
thank you for saying the words that run through my mind every time i think about that war 
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