No Gravity (Collab with Dana )

May 13, 2011
By Anonymous

[verse 1]
I've been getting this feeling lately
Maybe it's not love, not yet
But I wonder what it really is
It's unlike anything I've ever known

I have no gravity anymore
I'm fighting you off with everything
And when you're knocking on my door
I got no shields protecting me
My hearts open to you
(There's just no gravity near me)
My heart's open to you

[verse 2]
One night, you'll say 'I love you'
(Just say it one time)
Then when you look me in the eyes,
(lean in to hold me,)
Then I will break free
But you know that'll be impossible to do
(I'm suffocatin')


Sometimes it takes years
For me, it took one night
(Just one)
And When we kissed
(For the first time)
I fell in love with you
('Cause baby..)


The author's comments:
Me and my friend Dana wrote this song together. We're really happy how it turned out.

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