you got me where you want me again <3

May 18, 2011
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Wishing I could trip myself,
a thousand times I'd fall to you.
I'd take back every word just to
replace it with the truth.
I'd give my wings to you, if you promise to keep them.
I'll show you all my scars, if you can stop the bleedin'.

Now I'm goin' kinda crazy again,
and you got me to stay.
I'm feelin'' so unsure and I don't
know where I am.
I'm looking for your face and the thread,
so I can stay awake.
I'm calling out to you,
I'm screaming out your name.

Another cigarette and I'm still
Drowning in the sea.
This sea of promises and
all these shattered memories.
It'll all be fine if you just listen to yourself.
we'll all be fine again, someday, we just need help.

I said I think I'm going down, once again,
and I just need some space.
I think I'm turning blue
And I hope you understand.
I'm looking for my face in the sand,
and I can taste the pain.
I need another way,
I need the novocaine.

Don;t you know?
Ddon't you know you're not convincing me.
You can't feel the pain that it can bring.
Yeah , I've told you one too many times.
So now,
girl, you are the story of my life.

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